Alta Vista’s Musical Community School

Our School

We are a community based school focused on nurturing students through music education and maintaining a high standard of excellence. RSOM is administered through Lost Baggage Musical Theatre and is physically located inside Trinity Church of the Nazarene. We aim to provide classes and workshops that meet the individual needs of the community we serve and are rooted in strong musical leadership. However, we also want students to know that this is YOUR education. If you feel like you need a change of pace or a different style of teaching, let us know. We want to accommodate you!

Our Teachers

Our teachers are driven musicians who are experts in their field in and outside the classroom. They have the practical experience needed to deliver quality education that motivates and challenges in all the right ways. Our teachers strive to provide our students with the best possible music education by giving them the opportunity to explore multiple genres of music while also empowering them through their own personal musical qualities and stylings.

Our Students

RSOM accepts students of all ages and levels. As our students continue to grow and progress, our teachers provide them with technics and repertoire that will challenge and shape them into better musicians while also listening and adapting to the students’ individual needs. We want our students to leave our school inspired and transformed into lifelong learners and enjoyers of music.

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